Choosing the Best Rotary Cutter for Quilting

Whereas scissors have been famous in the past, high-quality rotary cutters can make sure most of your cutting is done faster and easier. A new blade in a rotary cutter will smoothly glide through layers of fabric. There are some factors however that you will consider when choosing a rotary cutter to purchase.

Blade Size

cutterThis is a vital factor of consideration when choosing a rotary cutter the most commonly used sizes are 18mm, 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm. Usually the more significant the blade, the easier and faster it will cut through multiple fabric layers. And the smaller the blade, the more maneuverable it is. The type of work you intend to use the blade will help in determining the blade size you choose.

Blade Material

The blades of rotary cutters are made either from steel or titanium. Steel blades are the most common and cheapest types of blades on the market. Titanium blades can be found only in specific shops and are considered three times harder than the steel type. This improves its durability and also extends its lifetime but for a relatively higher cost.


hand holding cutter

If you are using the rotary cutter mainly to cut through the fabric and for batting, you need to consider a rotary cutterĀ that has a comfortable grip. This applies to quilters who suffer from hand and wrist issues such as arthritis. Most manufacturers recognize the essence of ergonomics and provide rotary cutters which are friendlier to your wrists as well as hands.


The blades of the rotary cutter must be very sharp to cut through multiple fabric layers. Because of this reason, almost all the rotary cutter come with a retractable shield that covers exposed edges of the blade whenever it not in use. In most cutters, it is retracted manually before every use and put back afterward. Some manufacturers provide shields that retract automatically by pressing onto the cutting surface. The protection then extends to cover the blade automatically after use. This is a feature you want to consider before buying a rotary cutter to keep you safe when using and storing the rotary cutter. Safety is a big concern especially if you have small children in your workspace.

As a quilter, you want to buy the best rotary cutter to help you cut into the layers of fabric with ease. Look out for these features when shopping for a rotary to get the best for you quilting works.

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