Our mission is to empower individuals to take greater responsibility for community environments by involving volunteers in litter prevention, beautification, recycling and conservation education. Recycling helps Keep Indian River Beautiful!


Single Stream Recycling IS HERE!

     Our goal is to help Indian River achieve the 75% recycled material required by 

Florida by 2020. Keep Indian River Beautiful assists Indian River County with 

recycling education and  programs to engage residents through hands-on initiatives.

We offer FREE presentations  and tips on recycling right to schools, businesses, and groups. 

As of October 1st, 2015, our community improved the recycling process by converting to Single-Stream Recycling.

This means all recyclable material will be collected in the same container without worrying about sorting. 

All residents of Indian River County with the exception of the Town of Indian River Shores will use rolling carts in lieu of small blue bins. For more information about the changes and the benefits of Single-Stream Recycling,

contact KIRB or the Indian River Solid Waste Disposal District.

Bottle Caps under 2" and Plastic bags are NOT recyclable in the new cart, however our Upcycle It! Store does collect all plastic caps and local groceries have a box out front to collect your plastic bags. 

Borrow-A-Bin & Event Recycling

To make recycling easier and more accessible at community functions, Keep Indian River Beautiful provides portable recycling bins for any event, big or small, in Indian River County. Any resident can "check out" bins to place at their church gathering, ballgame, fundraiser or festival. Our experienced staff can help determine the best disposal method, answer recycling do's and don'ts, and provide recycling bags. 

For large community events, KIRB can also send volunteers and staff to setup and manage the recycling at no cost.

Events must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance and a space for the KIRB outreach booth be assigned.   

Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program (MRRP)

Fishing line is a hazard to all wildlife living and breeding in our delicate Indian River Lagoon. Currently we have 40 PVC Bins in prominent fishing and boating locations throughout Indian River County. The bins are maintained by dedicated volunteers who empty the containers, clean the line and send it off for recycling. The plastic from the line makes heavy plastic items such as tackle boxes, fish crates, rulers and more, all available for purchase online. Volunteers are needed to care for the bins at Round Island Park and Seaquay Condominiums. Contact mrrpindianriver@gmail.com for information.

Recycle Regatta 

The Recycle Regatta challenges participants to construct a watercraft from at least 70% recycled materials. Teams or Individuals paddle across a 50-yard course providing a hilarious competition for the spectators to enjoy. This head-to-head race is a competition between middle and high school students, businesses, and local organizations. Winners of each match receives bragging rights and other prizes. 

Building materials must be taken from items that would have otherwise been thrown in the garbage. Some suggested materials for crafts include plastic soda or milk bottles, barrels, and reused wood. Excluded building materials include toxic materials, auxiliary power sources, and any kind of glass. Teams will be encouraged to come up with their own unique ideas for construction materials and design. The creation must be a human-powered floating vessel -- no motors, no working sails, and no trained dolphins.

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