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Available Bins

  • ​​Wabasso Causeway Park - 7 bins - available immediately
  • ​Round Island Park - 4 bins - available in May

Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program (MRRP)

What is MRRP?

The Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program of Indian River County is dedicated to recycling monofilament fishing line. MRRP has placed more than forty white PVC recycling bins at boat ramps, piers and beach accesses throughout the county where fishermen and beachgoers can discard fishing line. The line is then collected by a volunteer and dropped off at a local tackle shop.  The shop then mails the line to the Berkley Pure Fishing Company, which uses the line to make fish habitats, tackle boxes and toys.

Why is monofilament a problem in the environment?

Most monofilament is non-biodegradable—it lasts about 600 years in the marine environment.  Because it is thin and often clear, it is very difficult for birds and animals to see and they can easily brush up against it and become entangled in it.  Once entangled, they may become injured, drown, strangle or starve to death.  Many animals also ingest fishing line, which blocks their gut causing infection and death.  One recovered sea turtle was found to have consumed 590 feet of heavy duty fishing line.

How can you can help?—Recycle used line

If you are an angler with unwanted line or you find line anywhere in the outdoors, take it to a MRRP recycling bin.  If you are not close to a bin, some tackle shops will take the line to be recycled.  (Call ahead to check.) If you must throw away line, cut it into strips of eight inches or less so that scavenging animals at the landfill are not harmed by it.

Volunteer for MRRP—Adopt-a-bin

Indian River County MRRP is run entirely by volunteers, and it is always in need of more.  Here are the volunteer’s responsibilities:

· Empty line from bin about once or twice a month.

· Remove trash and fish hooks from collected line and clean with water.

· Drop line off at tackle shop.

· Keep a record of the amount of line collected for MRRP.


Contact MRRP

E-mail MRRP Coordinator Elizabeth Kennedy at